Supported by young professionals who are competent in their field, JTCC has a great commitment to provide the best services for its client. The commitment is embodied by forming multiple business units that are expected to facilitate the client’s need. Some Business Unit includes:

Training Center Division

Training Center Division provides service quality improvement, capacity and competence of corporate human resource through training programs that are relevant and appropriate to the needs of corporate training. Human Resourse competency enhancement program is

supported by expert both form practicioners and academics who have proven competence in their fileds expected to provide insight and knowledge to the participants in a comprehensive and in-depth, so the participants are able to contribute positively to their respective companies. This divison include Management Human Resource Development, Finance, Marketing, and Industrial.


Career Center Division

Career center is one of the businesses in JTCC Division engaged in the Assessment Center and Career Consulting. Our assessment services are supported by the assessor who does have competence in the field of assessment and have experienced on various national and international scale enterprises in Indonesia.

Assesment program that has been designed and published for companies, are:

  1. Human Resources Recruitment and Selection Program
  2. Human Resource Movement ( Rotation, Promotion, and Demotion )
  3. Potential Review for Human Resource Arragement.
  4. Trainning Need Assement and Conducting Assement Program
  5. Human Resource Competency Analysis through Assesment Center
  6. Customer Satisfaction Assesment
  7. Health Assesment / Effective Team Work u0026amp; Organization
  8. Organization Assesment.